Hi, I’m Nick.

I’m passionate about data science and education. In my role as VP of Content at DataCamp, I get to work with brilliant people who share my passion and want to create high-quality data science training for millions of learners all over the world. Prior to joining DataCamp, I completed a masters degree in Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University and worked on the Analytics team at McKinsey.

Selected adventures

Cleaning Data in R (DataCamp)

Although our focus at DataCamp is building content in partnership with external instructors, I’ve created a course of my own called Cleaning Data in R. The course covers the basics of exploring raw data to identify potential problems, tidying data using the tidyr package, and preparing data for analysis by addressing issues such as missing or extreme values. The course finishes with a real-world case study, which ties everything together.

swirl (Statistics with Interactive R Learning)

As a graduate student at Johns Hopkins, my primary focus (and the subject of my thesis) was the development of swirl, a fun and unique software package that teaches data science and R programming. Students receive immediate feedback as they are guided through self-paced and interactive lessons, allowing them to quickly master new skills in an authentic programming environment. Since its inception in 2013, over a million people worldwide have used swirl to teach themselves R and data science.

Data Science Specialization

The Data Science Specialization is a sequence of nine MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) we developed at Johns Hopkins Biostatistics, all hosted on Coursera. The courses, which are led by my faculty advisers (Brian, Jeff, and Roger), cover all aspects of the data science process and have attracted millions of learners from around the world since 2013.

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