Owning Your Data

In my last post, I briefly described my interest in working on the next evolution of the internet, which I’ll refer to as the decentralized web. In this post, I’ll explore one area in particular that I find promising: the decentralization (and encryption) of personal data.

Early Ideas

The last few weeks have been productive, albeit wide-ranging. I’m still in the research phase of starting a company, but my patience for research is running out.

Practical Altruism

I’ve spent most of the past week reading books, scouring the web, thinking, tinkering, and talking with people. While I don’t yet have a definitive path forward, things are beginning to take shape.

Day One

I left my job in November after 4 years with the company. I’ve spent the past 6 weeks travelling, spending time with friends and family, reading and reflecting on what I want to do next.