Hi, I'm Nick

About Me

I described myself in my first blog post, so I’ll recycle that description here.

I don’t consider myself an expert in any one particular area—I’m more of a generalist. I studied math and finance as an undergraduate and biostatistics as a graduate student. I’ve worked as a financial advisor, a data scientist at a large management consultancy, and an education executive and product manager at a tech startup. I’ve built open source software that makes the R programming language more accessible to beginners and an iPhone app that helps people become more conscious about how they spend their money. There was even a three month period where I spent my mornings picking bottles out of dumpsters in Hong Kong because the government lacked a formal glass recycling program.

Perhaps the only common thread is that I love solving new problems and being a beginner. I live for what Jeff Bezos calls “Day One”.

I’m now starting a company, so it’s Day One all over again.

About My Blog

I’m hoping to accomplish a few things with this blog:

  1. Document my first attempt at starting a company
  2. Clarify my thinking as I work through important decisions
  3. Share information that may be useful to others

I’m new to blogging (and entrepreneurship), so feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions.